Monday, August 1, 2011


It can be hard for me and most women to “own” and say out loud something good about themselves but…. I am stronger, more “fit, and leaner than this time last year. WHY is this hard to confess?  Like a typical female my results have always been attached to the numbers on the scale and it’s been hard to recognize when those numbers don’t say what you want. Somehow my brain still thinks I can miraculously weigh what I did in 1997. If I don’t weigh that number then I must totally SUCK as a human.  I can proudly say those moments of scale insanity come less frequently.  “Shift Happens”, through consistent sweat, practical nutrition changes and TONS personal reflection. And of course, saying good bye to the frequent trips to Dolce, Cupcake ala Mode and Connies Cookies. The “2 weeks until Padre Island” eating plan doesn’t work anymore when hormones and gravity start to take over.

My name is Sharon Prothe and I am a diet-a-holic. I’ve done it all. I am a lifetime member of Weight Watchers (many pounds lost after tipping the scales at 191 with my first pregnancy). I have snuck into Slim4Life and posed as a “member” at another location to get the miracle shakes. I embarrassingly admit to a program that rhymes with Lenny Traig. I have books by Jillian, Bob, Kathy Freston, and Buddah on how to eat. Where do I  begin to start with all of the ‘exercise” programs and ideas I have adopted over the years.  Yes, I have the Ab Roller,

And finally, I am in recovery. But everyday my battle with food choices and body image "beat-down" can rear its ugly head.  Why success this time? Because there is not a next time. This lifestyle shift was an intentional choice. I am fully supported and I choose to stay the course…

1. I have stayed consistent with my workouts executing their intelligent design and smart programming.

2. Shifted my diet to fuel my performance as a wife, mama, athlete, friend, and yogini with more quality protein, vegetables, a little bit of fruit, nuts and fat.

3.  The mindful shift to being MY best rather than a number on the scale or jean size. The improvements to your physical body happen when you remove them as the #1 goal and focus on your health. 

How did I start…
  • I stopped being stubborn and took the leap and made the changes.
  • I began to think of my body as a science experiment. Obviously,  if I’m not at my best,  then what I have always done isn’t working. I had to do something different, actually everything.
  •  I stopped being afraid to have muscles. Muscles defy gravity. Now I am afraid of the the large cinnamon roll at Waid’s.
  •  I got off the elliptical machine…and started to jump, squat, lunge, burpee, lift, pull-up and SWEAT!
  •  I read more, journal more, pray more, sit and listen more……to what was really holding me back from reaching my goals.
  • I set specific goals for races and trained to compete.
  • I increased my home yoga practice.
  • Gave myself the grace of forgiveness when I bought the “kids” some cupcakes but they never made it home. 
What are you waiting for if you're not living fully and joyfully. Are letting food or weight stand in your way, YOU can change that. GO FOR IT!

"The ICE CAPS are melting!" ~Gina Caputo

Lip Gloss Love,