Sunday, May 22, 2011

A Girl on the Run....towards what?

Choosing to be a Girl on the Run(GOTR) when you’re 9 or 39  can look very different or exactly the same. I’ve taken these lessons from the GOTR manual and recently I have realized the type of Girl on the Run I don’t want to be. The type that is always running - herself ragged. My mom even told me the other day, ”you’re no spring chicken” and that I should slow down.  This past spring was my 2nd season as a coach for GOTR,  a positive youth development program that inspires girls to stay true to themselves and live free from social stereotypes. We train for 12 weeks to complete a 5k run with lessons that empower girls to celebrate their bodies, honor their voices, and embrace their gifts! WOW, now that is a girl on the run I aspire to be…not a ragged, tired, exhausted one!
A Girl on the Run doesn’t have to be 3rd – 6th grade to find the richness within these lessons.  I am a 40 year old Girl on the
run, and the same lessons I taught a group of 4th graders I am trying to apply into my life, daily.   

What are you “on the run” towards or away from?  I run miles on the street, run to  Target, run to yoga, run to my CrossFit  WOD in the dark of the morning(usually 2 minutes late  which means I start my day, behind already at 5:02 am), run into the shower .  I run away from discomfort, I run towards peace, I run to Nordstrom for a shoe sale and to the bathroom before double unders.
I see it in the athletes I coach everyday as they almost drive through the plate glass windows into Bootcamp Fitness for the 9:15 am class. Which by the way,  triple’s in attendance by 9:25am because everyone has been running late.   And then, they run out the door to run even more.
What type of Girl on the Run are you?
Are you running ragged or running toward empowered?
How is that serving you in your life?
Below are a few lessons straight from the Girls who want you to Run toward being proud, assertive, healthy, self-disciplined, grateful and humble….just to name a few.
Lesson #1
It’s ok to choose our friends – Do your friends bring out the best in you? Do they celebrate who you are? Where does being a confident person come into the pictrure? Would a self assured girl spend time with someone who enhances who she is or someone who puts her down?
Lesson #2
Standing up for myself – Standing up for ourselves and our values means we are asserative and this is a very strong and brave way to live. 
Lesson #3
Emotions are not good or bad, they are either comfortable or uncomfortable. There are phrases that you can use to communicate these types of uncomfortable emotions and  stand up for ourselves in situations when we are experience things that make us uncomfortable.
The phrases are:
I feel – when you start a statement this way, you are making it easier for the other person to listen to what you are saying.  It lets them know exactly how you feel. Its much better to start with I than  YOU  to keep the other person from getting defensive
When you – You are telling the exact behavior of a thing that is making you feel the way you do. This allows you to be very specific about what is bothering you.
Because – This tells the person how their behavior makes you feel a certain way and gives them a better understanding why you feel  this way
I would like for you to – This explains to the person in a respectful  and non demanding way what you would like them to do differently. It gives them a chance to change the behavior that is upsetting you.
Lesson #4
Valuing what is really important –Anytime we are faced with a tough decision we should remember our values and then do what we think is right.
Lesson #5
STOP, BREATHE, LISTEN and RESPOND – before you make a move you might regret.
Lesson #6
Celebrating Gratitude – Seeking gratitude for our circumstances is a choice. Seeking gratitude provides us with a positive perspective of our circumstances.
Lesson #7
Positive Self Talk – Imagine a bright white light in your body, right near your heart. The light is so bright and when we are feeling good about ourselves it shines out of us- through our eyes, our fingertips, in the way we walk and stand up tall and straight. That white light is the very essence of who we are. It is what makes us special and unique and beautiful inside. Picture a large socket in the top of your head – like an electrical wall outlet. The inside of this cord is really yucky – it's got dirty slow moving liquid  flowing through it. It also has messages coming through it for your brain.  We don’t feel  good with this negative cord coming into our spirits.  PULL that cord right out of the socket on the top of your head.  Plug in the cord that helps us stand tall and believe in ourselves.
Pardon the spelling and grammatical errors, but.....I Gotta Run....Sharon

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