Monday, April 4, 2011

Finding BLISS with the BARBELL

4 Things Women Should Be Doing in Their Fitness Training—But Aren’t

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Will lifting weights make me big? No, but what you're shoving down you pie hole will....

If I had a quarter for every time someone said to me they did not want to lift weights because they are afraid of getting BIG, I'd buy a Dunkin Donuts franchise and see them at the counter.  Because... most of them are afraid to lift weights but they are NOT afraid to eat a donut, bagel, vanilla latte, Panera sandwich, cupcake or have 2 or 6 glasses of wine every night before bed. Those items in excess, not the barbell , will make you big. When you cut the fluff from your food choices and follow these principles for fitness your tricep will start to pop out.  You might THINK you are getting bigger when actually, you are getting smaller, leaner and healthier. And really who cares...if you are working out smart, eating well, sleeping, doing yoga, and detaching from the worlds false idea of  a "perfect" body, your heart and sense of self will feel BIG and eventually your ass might just become smaller.

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